Translation companies help to bridge language and cultural gaps to create better understanding. It shows your business is committed to inclusivity and diversity and works to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

Offering customer solutions in various languages shows your clients you are willing to respect their cultural diversity and sensitivity.

Create a Dialogue 

Businesses looking to make their clients feel comfortable and secure in their interactions should be ready to offer their services in that client’s culture and language. After all, clients aren’t obligated to do business with you. Instead, they will patronize businesses that cater to their unique needs. 

A company showing this commitment by using a corporate translation service creates increased customer loyalty and repeat business, indicating that your business is committed to inclusivity and diversity and opens opportunities for engagement and collaboration.

Customers will pay to communicate in their native tongue, and 68 percent of surveyed consumers said they would jump to a competitor if a business doesn’t speak their language.

New Markets, New Languages

A business expanding globally into new markets increases the risks of cultural mistakes. However, a Canadian translator experienced in the specific language and culture a company wants to penetrate will help that business avoid them, thereby reducing costly public relations and lost revenue.

“When speaking of the global consumer, you have to think in terms of differentiation. Improving global customer experience means improving customer experiences for anyone, no matter the region or country they are from.” – Aaron Moe, founder of ATO Inc

Roughly 350 to 430 different languages are spoken in the United States alone. Knowing this, it becomes evident that the businesses that use language as a bridge and superpower will be the ones to succeed. Understanding who your customers are and what they want from you first stems from a common tongue.

When looking to increase your client base or expand into new markets outside your native language and culture, hiring a professional translation service to communicate your business message is vital. Otherwise, how will you be able to market your goods or services?

Professional Translation Services

MJ Translation Inc. is an experienced professional translation company offering French, English and Spanish translation services in Canada, since 1990. We have a broad knowledge of business, marketing and retail translation, and have a team of professional translators to meet any language requirements you may have.

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