Translation and localization strategies are vital when expanding into a North American or Global marketplace.  When growing your business, translation and localization services are needed for marketing, sales, packaging, logistics, and websites.

What is Localization?

Localization adapts a specific product or content to a specific locale or market. Localization services are key when expanding your business into untapped markets.  For example, there are more English idioms used in the French of France compared to that Quebec French; therefore, the translating for French consumers of France will use different translations than translating Quebec French.  

Translators can adapt content to accommodate cultural differences, language peculiarities, or local expectations.

Using Professional Translation Services as an Ambassador

All aspects of expanding your business need to be translated by a professional language translator into the language and culture of your target market. You cannot communicate using your language to reach your target audience, especially when your target market does not speak your language or live in your culture.  If you want business with them, your content must be directed to their language and their culture. 

You need, therefore, corporate translation services who will be your language ambassadors to your new market to represent you in the best light.  You want to keep your company’s message and tone translated to your target market, so you need a translator who is an expert in your source market to translate your target market to communicate your company’s message.

Good Translation = Good Reputation

Words used by the company can make or break its reputation. Messages that are conveyed should be positive. Professional translation services used by professional translators are aware of the cultural aspect of the content. Thus, working with a reputed translation agency will enhance your reputation.

When your content is translated correctly, buyers will know what you offer and what your business means. You will increase your sales and make your global business more successful through foreign markets.

The care you use in translation to respect the target language and the cultural nuances reflects the respect you show to your target market’s sensitivities, which will translate into more sales.  Your prospective clients or customers will understand what you want to sell to them because you are communicating to them in the language that they understand, which will persuade them to be more receptive to your company.

Our Translation Services

MJ Translation Inc. is an experienced professional translation company offering French, English and Spanish translation services in Canada, since 1990. We have a broad knowledge of business, marketing and retail translation, and have a team of professional translators to meet any language requirements you may have.