Translation Bloopers – we love them because they are so funny, and translation bloopers are even more amusing because we understand what the author intended.

But bloopers can often elicit the wrong kind of reaction when you are trying to sell to your target market.  Some can be confusing or downright misleading.  And, when posted in large signs or for a mass audience, the bloopers can be embarrassing and lead to loss of sales.

Bloopers in translation usually result when a machine is used or when a bilingual person is not an expert in the target language.

Language is emotional, and machines do not comprehend the nuances in language.  A professional translator skilled in your sector and in both languages, from the source language to the target language, will save you embarrassment.

The following shows what happens when a translator did not translate the information for the consumer.

As you can see, the writer did not understand the English language at all, or a machine translated the information.

Ask yourself this:  what do these instructions say about the company’s brand and its reputation?

Almost every sentence is confusing, and the poor quality of the text makes you doubt the quality of the product.  If the company did not care enough to communicate the instructions coherently, how well is the product made?

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