MJ Translation has extensive experience in the aerospace, transportation and construction industries.

Translations for Aerospace

Canada’s dynamic Aerospace Industry 2019 Reports that the Canadian aerospace industry contributed more than $25 billion in GDP and created 213,000 jobs in 2018. This is an expanding and growing sector that continues to provide jobs and opportunities for Canadians and exports Canadian expertise on a global scale. Our experience in technical translations for the aerospace industry will allow your company to communicate in Canadian French and English with accuracy and speed.

Translations for Construction

In 2014, total construction investment in Canada was projected to be over $300 billion. Just a decade prior to this, that figure was almost half, at $154 billion. MJ Translation Inc. has worked with large construction firms, ensuring regulatory understanding on both sides.

MJ Translation Inc. Services

In all three sectors, Aerospace, Transportation, and Construction, MJ Translation Inc. has provided technical translation services to translate the following:

  • Flight Manuals

  • Aircraft Accident Reports

  • Maintenance Manuals

  • Maintenance, Training Guides, and Operating Instructions

  • 511 Website Apps for the Ministries of Ontario and Alberta (travel info, road conditions, construction, and disruption)

  • Shipping apps for freight to ship merchandise

  • Excavation and Confined Space Reports

  • Environmental Assessment Reports

MJ Translation Inc. is certified by the ATIO which ensures that your projects meet the highest standard in quality industrial translation and linguistic services. We work with you to tailor our services to meet your pressing deadlines. Don’t let communication stand in your way; allow us to assist with your translation needs and expand your industry into new markets.

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