English to Canadian French Translations

We offer a variety of French translation services and specialize in English to Canadian French translations. We are the leader in decoding the local vernacular and cultural subtleties of Quebecois, as only native French Canadian speakers can do. This is especially valuable for translating English to Quebec French for businesses expanding into the Quebec market.

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French to English Translations

We provide French to English translations for business. With 30 years in business in Ontario, we speak and conduct our business in English every day.

We help businesses with a variety of English to Canadian French and French to English translations, including:

  • Technical translation

  • Corporate translation

  • Website localization and content translation

  • Marketing translation

  • Retail packaging translation

  • Software and product translation

Our valued clients come from all areas of business. We have varied and extensive knowledge in these areas:

Marketing and Advertising: understanding Quebec Language Laws and translations for design
Import / Export: helping international business expand into Quebec, with bilingual packaging, instruction manuals, etc.
Manufacturing: working with manufacturers to prepare bilingual safety documentation, corporate policies, training, and more
Business Services: assisting with bilingual document preparation, with a close eye to detail

Quebec Language Translation Laws

We also have extensive knowledge of Quebec language laws and can help business successfully navigate the complexities of these laws. This is especially helpful with public signage, retail packaging and other materials for the public which can be costly to replace.

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Our French and English Translation Process

We can accomplish what Internet translation utilities simply cannot. We carefully consider word choice, meaning, language flow and brand identity, and it comes across in our work. Word-for-word artificial intelligence machine translation can never compare, because it does not capture the emotion and rhythm of natural language.

Whether it’s a technical translation, such as a corporate policy document, manual or guide, or consumer retail packaging, we effectively convey meaning, and we work within the Quebec language guidelines to protect you from poor word choice, improper meaning, off-brand language, or other problems that can cost your business.

To ensure the accuracy of our translations, we always rigorously proofread our work. 

Our digital translation process is easier than ever. Simply fill in our quotation request form, and send us your document, and you’ll have a quotation within two business days. We take pride in being efficient and accurate.

For Canadian French to English, or English to French translations, please fill in our quote request form , and attach the document you need translated.

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