Technical translation is about more than word-for-word translation. It requires multidisciplinary subject knowledge. It cannot be entrusted to a general translator or machine translation.

Technical Translators have a unique set of skills. These linguists are not only fluent in their languages, but also have a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of terminology. They tend to work within a specialized field.

Technical Translation Services for Manufacturing

We have indepth understanding of many specialized fields including:

  • Retail and Consumer goods

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial equipment

  • Automotive manufacturing

  • Defence

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Transportation

  • Energy (Oil & Gas)

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Specialists in English to French Technical Translations

We are specialists in translating English documents for use in Quebec. We can also provide technical translations in:

  • English to Canadian French translation

  • French to English translation

  • English to Spanish translation

For your technical translation requirements, please fill in our quote request form, and attach the document you need translated.

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